Juli Johnson is a delight! She brings such joy and charisma to the stage with her music and vocals. She's a refreshingly original artist and you should jump at the chance to see and hear her perform.”

— Michael Bruno, Backstage with Bruno

Juli Johnson

Genre: Alternative Pop

Sounds like: Olivia Rodrigo, Norah Jones


Juli Johnson is a singer/songwriter from Madison, WI. Her music is filled with expressive melodies and emotional lyrics. She writes songs based on her personal experiences and relationships. If you like the sound of Olivia Rodrigo or Norah Jones you’ll enjoy Juli’s music.

Juli began writing songs while she was in college. She studied musical theatre and French, and learned that she couldn't travel without a guitar and a notebook to write songs and poetry in. She left college with a Performing Arts degree. After doing a lot of community theatre, Juli moved to Busan, South Korea to teach English as a Foreign Language. She found herself spending the weekends on the beach with her guitar and a bottle of rice wine. Her beach time was spent soaking up sunshine and writing songs while listening to the waves on the shore. In Korea, she met a music producer from Canada and spent the next year recording both an EP (self-titled, released in 2015) and a full-length album before moving back to the United States in early 2016. After a few months of living with her sister in Pittsburg, she moved to Taiwan to teach English again. A family tragedy brought her back to the US a month later. At this point, Juli couldn’t sing without pain due to overusing her voice while teaching. She returned to her former voice teacher in Madison, who helped her rehabilitate her voice. It took about a year before she was able to sing again without pain. She released her first full length album in 2019, and followed that with a single in January 2020. Juli has enjoyed performing her original music in Madison until COVID-19 shut down the live Madison music scene in mid March, 2020. She now performs through streaming and posting videos on social media. She can't wait to perform live again when it's finally safe to do so.

Contact Juli: julijohnsonmusic@gmail.com

Press Photos

Sing It Sister. photo: Mark Ellis

Sing It Sister. photo: Mark Ellis

Head Shot. photo: Lisa Collier


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